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About CCVR Course

This training will help you elevate your entire knowledge base on the wide scope of vestibular therapy & how it can be used to assist the vestibular population and beyond - in proven and actionable ways.

  • Practical Clinical Application with added content on: Vision, Cervical and Concussion
  • Evidence-Supported 
  • Thought Leaders 
  • Cost Effective & Convenient 
  • Interactive Case Studies 
  • Real Time Feedback 
  • Online Coursework & Hands-On Labs 
  • Build a New Caseload & Attract More Referrals 
  • Lifetime access to the educational materials, coaching calls and video lectures.

This course is designed to build your understanding and know-how through practical application of the methodologies in vestibular rehabilitation - the same methodologies we use to assess and treat the vestibular population.



Over 20 subject matter experts providing weekly educational lessons on a variety of evidence-supported vestibular related topics

"I loved the atmosphere - it was very non threatening, which is such an amazing way to learn - learning from each other - great balance of all activities. I never felt like I couldn't ask questions or were rushed." - CCVR Course Graduate

Subject Matter Experts  

The primary focus is assessment and treatment of peripheral and central vestibular disorders, understanding the importance of medical management, and recognizing the role of vestibular diagnostics and comprehensive audiograms. 

Lessons Included (but not limited to):  

- A Closer Look at Diagnostics - Medical Management of Dizziness - The Clinical Exam: Vestibular | Visual | Cervical - Central Vestibular Disorders - Common Visual Training Exercises - Intervention for Cervicogenic Dysfunction - BPPV: Typical &&Atypical Presentations - The Psychological Overlay in Patients with Dizziness  

Live Group Coaching Calls  

A Live Clinical Evaluation - Patient Referred for Complicated Dizziness Following a Concussion  

Special Topics  

Faculty of the program includes a variety of expert medical professionals covering topics in the areas of: neuro-otology, neurology, neuro-ophthalmology, psychiatry, primary care, physical/occupational therapy, audiology, neuro-optometry, and psychology. Lessons Included:  

Pediatric Vestibular Rehabilitation | Evaluation of the Litigating Patient | Vestibular Migraines | Chronic Post-Concussion Syndrome | Multi-disciplinary Concussion Center


Plus, included with your enrollment, you'll receive the following bonuses:  

  • A ticket to the 2020 Virtual Vestibular Health Summit ($375 value) - Monday, April 27 - Saturday, May 2, 2020
  • Concussion Get Started Kit ($299 value) – The Concussion Get Started Kit is designed to give you the minimum tools needed to perform a comprehensive concussion assessment for athletes. It includes Foam Pad, Measuring Tape, Head Lamp, and mCOBALT (Instruction Sheet, Flow Chart, Recording Sheet, Exam & Certificate)

Community Support + Resources  

Resources Included: 

- Live online weekly coaching calls - Preparatory quizzes - Classroom discussion forum - Library

Subject Matter Experts 

Bridgett Wallace, PT, DPT, CCVT, ITPT - Course Director

Angela Rich, OCS, PT, ScD  

James Kemper, MD  

Craig Kemper, MD, FACS  

Kamran Barin, PhD 

Shin Beh, MD  

Jamie Bogle, AuD, PhD, CCC-A  

DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD  

and many more! Click here to see the full speaker list

Gerard Gianoli, MD  

Dana Day, AuD, CCC-A, MBA 

Sally Fryer Dietz, PT, DPT, CST-D 

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