Other Comments

Impressed by Dr. Wallace's knowledge and clinical expertise. She's an excellent presenter. All the staff at 360 Balance & Hearing were great and knowledgeable during the hands-on labs. 

I think a consolidated reference guide to treatments (similar to the testing references) would be useful. A little bit more accountability via quizzes or worksheets would have helped me pay attention to the lectures more but it was great. 

I loved this course; especially the lab days. The entire experience was better than expected and I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity. 

Thank you for the great instruction and welcoming/comfortable atmosphere! So appreciate everyone's knowledge and willingness to share their area of expertise!

Wish there was no change with the coaching call and location. I was able to attend all calls for original schedule but not after the change. 

To all those involved in this course: "Keep doing what you are doing and inspiring us to learn and to be the best clinicians we can be for all those people we serve."

Thank you for being available all these months and in the future as a resource.

I look forward to accessing video databases for treatment options and/or flowcharts for treatment. Try to word things consistently to one reference point to decrease confusion.

I would encourage adapting all the lectures to have a component of didactic content but reinforce with video demonstrations. I would encourage a discussion board approach to correct participants in their learning journey.

Bridgett has been amazing in providing summaries and study guides, answering any and all questions, and making sure that no one gets left behind!

Thanks to all for developing such an outstanding course. I know it must have taken so much work to develop the course. Special thanks to Bridgett for all her hard work and enthusiasm toward her specialty area!

Thanks for being such a great course! The on-sites were well hosted. I also appreciate the gluten-free options for meals. All faculty were amazing! Best "bang for buck" course ever!

Thank you to Bridgett and all the contributing lecturers for the immense amount of time and effort that has clearly been invested into this course. Also for being so approachable and "demystifying" this area of PT. 

Adding a section where participants can take part or play as a patient during an evaluation by one of the experts may be beneficial. I would have also liked to try all the equipment in the clinic to see if it would be good fit for my clinic. 

It would be helpful to have a heads up of average weekly amount of work (the importance of finishing the special topics or not before the labs). 

Thank you so much for everything. Having been through vestibular problems myself - advancing is in our profession means the world to me. Everything about this class just helped to further drive and hold dear that passion. Thank you!

Thank you for doing this course and sharing helpful resources with us. I have learned so much that I am going to apply to my practice. 

Self paced was challenging for me - recommend a more strict time line for people like me who need to be externally accountable. Would be nice to have contact info for coaching calls in a few more places. 

  • Please continue to share the ever growing literature, new articles, new treatment ideas, case presentations especially atypical ones and continue the discussion board.
  • Really looking forward to more stuff on concussion!
  • Please design an advanced competency course as the next step to this! Will be so grateful to you, Bridgett!

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