What did you particularly like about the approach or delivery?

Combination of online lectures with accompanying handouts plus weekly coaching calls plus amazing collection of references

I liked the ability to go back and review past lectures and the interdisciplinary approach to the lectures. 

The ability to review material multiple times and then have the materials updated in the future. 

The flexibility to study and/or listen to videos on my own schedule. 

The blended learning.

The hands-on practices were most valuable, along with forcing us to think while performing (in a non-threatening way) i.e. don't just show that you can do a DixHallpike - what if you see down beating nystagmus?

It was nice to see that you all could teach therapists at all levels of experience. 

The combination of hands-on and online. I liked the fact that the environment in the hands-on labs was relaxed but still a great learning environment. 

The online component allowed for more material as well as inclusion of material from a variety of specialists. 

  • Making the presented material clinically relevant
  • Availability to answer questions
  • 'Putting the pieces together'

I liked how you could alter the pace of this course because I have many time commitments and limited flexibility in my weekend schedule to dedicate. With the online lectures, I felt we were able to cover larger amounts of info than say a week or 2-week course. 

The ability to learn small chunks at a time and put into practice. 

Appreciated the opportunity for distance learning, quick response to posted questions and the ability to see everyone's questions (and instructor responses). Also appreciated the opportunity to hear multiple presenters from various fields of expertise. And Bridgett and others created an atmosphere that made it very easy/ unintimidating to ask questions and get clarification.

Self paced, repeatable, good mix of hands-on and lecture.

I do like the videos and the offer of lifetime access. It was also nice to do the weekend for labs and testing. 

Open discussions, room to share and learn from not only the experts in the field/staff at 360 Balance Center but also, attendees with number of years of experience from different settings, backgrounds, and states (for laws). 

I liked the balance of lecture/discussion/practice time. I thought there was adequate time for participants to ask questions and not feel rushed. 

I loved the atmosphere - it was very non threatening, which is such an amazing way to learn - learning from each other - great balance of all activities. I never felt like I couldn't ask questions or were rushed. 

The interdisciplinary delivery. I loved that all professions were included and reasoning provided in the importance of integrated professions.  

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