Would you recommend the CCVR Course to others? If so, who?

Absolutely! Willing to share with those who genuinely are passionate about this subspecialty of neuro/ortho rehab world and willing to make a contribution to the big vestibular patient population out there who need this so much more than they feel or know. 

Yes! I think more time should be devoted to vestibular in PT school. Applicable to so many patient populations. PTs are uniquely suited to treat and educate our patients about vestibular issues. 

Yes, I would recommend this course to those who have some vestibular experience but are looking to learn more about this population and how to treat them. 

Yes - I would recommend this course to anyone who works with vertigo patients. 

Yes, have already recommended to my previous PT school and other therapists at our practice. 

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their vestibular knowledge and confidence with accessing patients with vestibular diagnoses. 

Yes, definitely, PT, OT, rehab doctors, chiropractors, AT

For sure! I hope to send my employees to this in the future!

I would highly recommend the CCVR Course to any therapists interested in developing their expertise regarding vestibular rehab. 

Yes. This course provided content but also helped to develop 'community' to begin a network of support advancing my skills and delivery as a vestibular specialist.

I would recommend it to anyone challenged by vestibular patients - DCs, PTs, etc.

Yes, the concepts and clinical applications are effective in all settings. 

Yes! Colleagues and students interested in training in vestibular therapy.

Yes, anyone who sees balance/gait patients or has a desire to learn more about vestibular pathology and treatment. 

Yes - seems to be something for everyone from novice to experienced clinician who wants to dive deeper.

Yes, I would recommend the course to others. To anyone who wants to learn more about vestibular rehab or concussion even. 

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