How would you summarize the experience as a whole?

Tough but important and useful, you get out of it what you put into it. 

It was a fun, interactive way to learn a complicated topic. 

The experience was good overall. A few of the videos could have been condensed a little. 

It was a great learning opportunity! More intense, more in depth, much more new information than expected. A great value for the time, energy, and finances involved. 

Amazing! Coming from a new grad working in OP neuro/vest. The course has furthered my knowledge and given me an extra boost of confidence. 

Complete! Confidence building.

What an amazing experience. The knowledge and face-to-face time I received was well worth the price of this course. 

  • Comprehensive
  • Evidence-based with many supportive
  • I'm ready to use the information in my clinic

Comprehensive program including neuro anatomy review, vestibular, and oculomotor theory and practice 

Truly great and enjoyed how its just adaptable

As confusing as much of the material is, I found great value in the course. I aim to continue reviewing the material moving forward. 

This was great format to launch or advance my understanding of complex vestibular cases. I greatly appreciate the immediate feedback and responses to questions. 

The learning experience was outstanding! We were exposed to very gifted educators. Bridgett, Rudie, and Angela were excellent. The ability to have physicians like Dr. Kemper added so much to the course. 

Eye opening, mind expanding, exceeded expectations, just what I was looking for!

It was a great course and my future patients thank you for it. 

I really learned a lot and opened my understanding about the vestibular exam, eval, and treatment. I was able to learn about diagnostics and tools that aren't available at my clinic. 

The course was definitely hard work and a time investment but it was very worthwhile if you are hoping to see more vertigo patients or if you already see them.

This was a valuable experience because there was a good amount of content that I was able to go through and can continue to go through for life. The hands-on portion was a great way to integrate the content learned. 

Precise material, yet detailed...Simple to learn, yet challenging enough to discuss, learn and grow. Thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on part, listening to each instructor teach and talk on so many areas of this big vestibular world. Feel so much more confident in these last few months of online learning and to continue the journey with LIFETIME ACCESS!

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