How was the CCVR Course unique?

You were able to learn the different aspects that affect the patient's vestibular symptoms (oculomotor, BPPV, cervicogenic) from individual experts. 

It explained results to different diagnostic tests to further provide a patient diagnosis. 

This course is unique because it was very flexible and adapted to the participants and our questions/concerns. It was helpful that the in-person course was only 3 days compared to other options. 

1) Format 2) Application. I really enjoyed the length/pace of the class and the time it allowed me to integrate and apply in the clinic and then bring questions together at the hands-on lab portion. 

Online, lifetime access, very friendly 

I liked having the coursework online and then coming together at the end for the lab.

I enjoyed learning the material ahead of time (online) because this made the discussion and practice during the in-person portion more meaningful. 

  • NO RUSH COURSE to grasp so much information, so much to learn out there with so many treatment ideas and hands-on lab time to go over learned skills
  • Quizzes, midterms and coaching calls - so personalized attention despite the number of attendees and Love, Love, Love the open discussion comment board on each module!

I think having the cervical assessment and treatment is great and made it unique. Plus: I can still access the videos, all the material provided even though the course is over. 

Online content and self-paced, good support from Bridgett and staff.

  • Combined distance learning and weekend hands-on
  • Fabulous depth and breadth of material relevant to VR
  • Facilitation of facebook group for ongoing forum to ask questions and share insights

The online library and Bridgett's selflessness to share anything she had resource wise. 

  • Intensity - with viewpoint of multidisciplinary professionals perspectives
  • Online - with lifetime access to content continually updated

The multi-disciplinary team and instructors were so great. I also loved loved loved the amount of usable research and lectures and materials that we now have access to. 

  • Self-pacing, ability to go back and review lectures
  • Coaching calls
  • Depth of knowledge and clinical experience of the presenters
  • Excellent resources and I'll have access to them

The online component was unique compared to all other courses. It was also unique in the sense that it incorporated cervical spine and more recent research developments. 

The time provided to learn the material on your own combined with the hands-on labs and case studies was great as was the fact that you had a combination of various experts in different fields presenting applicable information. 

Online/lab/visual. Knowledgeable staff and faculty available throughout. Loved all reference to current evidence based practice.

This course has allowed me access to multiple experts, all of who are dedicated to my understanding of concepts and application to my setting of acute care. 

A lot of autonomy with studying for busy moms, wives, etc????

It actually viewed DCs as competent enough to handle the course load :)

It provided comprehensive coverage of a range of topics from A&P to marketing. It was a great representation of the collaboration of professionals to address dizziness and imbalance.

The online format spread out over 14 weeks allows great flexibility in learning and studying material. The access to Bridgett for questions or concerns was extraordinary and her responsiveness went 'above and beyond'. 

The online format is fantastic! I can't imagine absorbing a week's worth of material at the Emory course then not being able to review the material again. The CCVR Course allowed me to review selected lectures multiple times. 

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