Why did you choose the Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation (CCVR) Course? 

I needed and wanted a "deeper dive" into everything vestibular. I was recognizing 'holes' in my knowledge in treating this population and this course came along at the perfect time! 

Wanted to stay up to date on current best practices and fill any holes in my current practice and knowledge. 

I took the free vestibular rehab mini masterclass and enjoyed the format. I had looked into the Emory class but felt the online format would be a better option for me in terms of format and material 'digestion'. 

It sounded more accessible than the Emory course, due to its 14-week and online format. I wanted to increase my VR mastery, skills, etc. I wanted a more in-depth training course in VR that would help me deal with more complicated patients.

The blended learning format with a close drive option for face-to-face learning was appealing and fit with my schedule. 

Many other vestibular courses do not allow DCs to enroll. After attending the concussion summit in Ohio and following 360 NH, I learned of the certification. I compared the content to other courses, ran it by some of my vestibular mentors for input and decided to commit. 

I was looking for a broader knowledge base of vestibular and oculomotor testing and treatment strategies. 

To be proficient in differential diagnosis and treatment of vestibular disorders.

Comfortable treating concussion patients, however working with non-athletic vestibular patients made me think I need more skill and knowledge. 

I wanted to continue to improve my clinical skills in order to better evaluate and treat the vestibular patients that we see in our clinic. 

It offered a very comprehensive look at vestibular rehab, and the online format was easy to integrate into a hectic life and work schedule.

Flexibility and convenience - learning at my own pace yet having faculty support to clarify material and answer questions. Also took vestibular mini masterclass presented by Dr. Wallace and really liked her teaching style. 

Basic vestibular courses were too basic and I wanted something more advanced. Also, I met Bridgett at a weekend course and really appreciated her teaching style. The flexibility is also key. 

So much of my vestibular knowledge was gained from self-study/exploration. Needed more depth and confirmation of accurate information. 

  • Primary distance learning
  • Certification if attending hands-on portion
  • Get updated on recent research and practice

Many reasons: 1) Bridgett is an excellent teacher and expert in the field, 2) Convenient format with online and hands-on, 3) Area of interest and need

I chose the CCVR Course because of the curriculum that it covered. It just covered everything I think that can cause dizziness from clinical exam to treatment to even legal stuff. 

I was already seeing/treating some BPPV patients, but realized I was missing pieces of information. So I wanted more training, also this course was close to home. 

  • The pace at which I could review the presentations, articles, exercise videos and flexibility to go over them at my convenience
  • Speed of learning with being able to apply these skills in clinic as I learn new information from each of you!
  • Access to such a variety of experts in the team of vestibular throughout the country, just by watching their presentations and ideas to treat 

I chose this course because I wanted to learn more about vestibular evaluation and treatment since I am seeing a large vestibular population. I also wanted to be certified. 

I found that vestibular treatment and evaluation was an area I felt very unsure about. I had exposure to some vestibular info but it was just enough to figure out how much I was missing. 

I chose this course because I wanted to learn more and had heard about it being online. Vestibular courses that are more advanced are difficult in our area to find, and the Emory waiting list is so long! So glad to have taken the course. It has been amazing!

I attended a small 1 day VR course in Iowa provided by a PT with her Emory certification. This class came highly recommended. I previously worked with a VR patient who relocated and I wanted to continue seeing this population. This course format allowed me to continue working full-time, implementing the info while also receive my certification. 

I have recently had an increasing interest in vestibular rehabilitation and have seen more and more vestibular patients in our outpatient neuro clinic. I have also started teaching the vestibular content in our residency programs, so I wanted to feel more confident with the material. 

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